History of Canning Industry in Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

With the early success of the Utah Canning Company, other canneries soon joined in, producing their own products. Included in these early canning companies was the Morgan Canning Company, remembered for "Those Good Peas"--the brand name of their canned peas. The Morgan Canning Company began business in Morgan in 1908 and expanded in 1920 with a factory in Cache Valley, in the town of Smithfield. The company was sold to the Utah Packing Corporation in the spring of 1928 and the factory in Smithfield, now owned by the Del Monte Corporation, remains today as the last location for commercial canning in the state of Utah. The sale of the Morgan Canning Company to the Utah Packing Corporation was the final stage of expansion of the largest Utah commercial canning enterprises. The Utah Packing Corporation was organized in 1918 as a subsidiary of the California Packing Corporation, which itself was the result of a 1916 consolidation of a number of canneries in California. Most people know the California Packing Corporation by one of its labels, Del Monte, which the corporation took as its formal name in 1967.

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