History of Canning Industry in Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

The milk canning industry in Utah started in 1904 when the first milk condensing and processing plant in the state was built by the Utah Condensed Milk Company in Richmond, north of Logan. Upon completion this factory was said to be only the third, and largest, milk processing factory in the West. The new company sold its products under the name of Sego Milk. In subsequent years, the company repeatedly expanded and in 1928 sold its operations to the Pet Milk Company. The Pet name was first used in 1894 as "Our Pet Evaporated Milk," the label for the company's new "baby" sized six-ounce can that was developed to sell for a nickel. The company took the "Pet" name for its entire product line in 1923. When the Pet Milk Company took over the operations of the Utah Condensed Milk Company, it retained the use of the Sego brand name for its products that were sold in the western the western United States. All of the Cache Valley milk condenseries, as the milk canning factories were called, are closed today, but the Sego brand name is still available on today's supermarket shelves along with other products of the Pet Milk Company.

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