History of Castle Gate, Utah

Jobs were found for many of our family here at Castle Gate when Winter Quarters was shut down. Charles Houghton was given an out-side job when his thumb was cut off and reattached. Joe Nielson resumed his work in the Wasatch Store. Utah Fuel seemed like a good employer but history reveals a much darker side of the industrial revolution that was sweeping the country. Utah passed many laws to encourage new industries. Utah even to this day has never passed any law to ever restrict freedom of the mine owners to control its workers. Federal laws and the courts have been the only means by which the miners have secured some degree of justice. Safety and wages (the need for pay increase or to stop the companies from cutting pay) has caused the miners now and then to rebel and strike. It has taken many bitter strikes and much suffering to force the companies and the State to recognize unions. But Utah lawmakers have weakened the unions right to organize and strike in every way possible. That is why Utah mines are still so *unsafe (4 times more dangerous in 1996) and the pay is much lower here than in other states.

*After the Castle Gate and Scofield mine disasters, coal mining in Utah was improved
to the point that Utah was known as having some of the safest mining conditions
in the country.
Joshua Bernhard vice president, Golden Spike Chapter Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.

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