Utah Climate
Taken from the Western Regional Climate Center (Links Added)

Great Salt Lake, in northwestern Utah, lies in the Great Basin, the largest closed basin in North America.  Part of this drainage area is below 4,500 feet in elevation, with the Lake being about 4,200 feet.  Great Salt Lake is the largest lake at this elevation (or higher) in the world.  In glacial times it was a fresh water lake occupying an area 346 miles long and 145 miles wide; but due to increased evaporation and/or reduced precipitation, it gradually shrank in size and the salinity increased.  Since this large body of water now has no drainage outlet, the salt content is high, averaging about 25 percent.  Thus, the Lake, which never freezes over, provides a moderating effect throughout the year on temperatures in the immediate vicinity.

GENERAL CLIMATIC FEATURES – Essentially, Utah’s climate is determined by its distance from the equator; its elevation above sea level; the location of the State with respect to the average storm paths over the Intermountain Region; and its distance from the principal moisture sources of the area, namely, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Also, the mountain ranges over the western United States, particularly the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Ranges and the Rocky Mountains, have a marked influence on the climate of the State.  Pacific storms, before reaching Utah, must first cross the Sierras or Cascades.  As the moist air is forced to rise over these high mountains, a large portion of the original moisture falls as precipitation.  Thus, the prevailing westerly air currents reaching Utah are comparatively dry, resulting in light precipitation over most of the State.

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