History of Deep Creek Mountains, Utah, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

The community grew during the 1870's through the 1890's as settlers homesteaded sheep and cattle ranches. Some of the early pioneer family names were Worthington, Hudson, Burrington, McCurdy, Bates, Skinner, Goldsmith, Ferguson, Felt, Bonnemort, Weaver, Gash, Snively, Symonds, Lee, and Kelley. After 1880, the Ericksons, Littledikes, Stewarts, Halls, Chastains, Hibbards, Cooks, Mulliners, Sheridans, Parrishs, Georgeattas, and Proberts settled at Ibapah. Other prominent early names after 1910 in Ibapah have been Hicks, West, Christiansen, and Calloway.

Around the turn of the century, as mining districts in the area prospered, Ibapah had up to five saloons functioning and two dances functioning on any given night. Prosperity was further enhanced when the Lincoln Highway was routed through Callao, Gold Hill, and Ibapah from about 1915 to 1927. Sheridan's hotel, gas, and store, along with Chastain's post office and store were prominent in that time frame. The Deep Creek valley has had a school at Broadway, Nevada in the 1920's as well as the Goshute Indian School from about 1915 to 1969, and Ibapah Elementary since 1883, where social functions such as dances, church weddings, and funerals have been held. The Goshute Tribal Council has a community center and the LDS Church built a chapel in 1981. The only large cemeteries in western Tooele County are the community and Goshute cemeteries, both of which are in Deep Creek Valley. Modern conveniences are of recent origin in the Deep Creek country. Electric power was installed in 1972. A paved highway was constructed in 1977 leading from the Ely, Nevada Highway to Ibapah, and private telephones followed in 1986.

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