History of Garfield, Utah
Lee T Romrell (Links Added)

The early smelter was called the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASRCO). The Smelter is located just West of Garfield on the old highway 201. The Refinery would be just South of Garfield. In 1903 the Utah Copper Company was organized by Daniel C. Jackling. This would be the start of a new era in mining. They set a new standard for mining in the Bingham Canyon. In 1906 there were more than 40 mining companies in the Bingham area. Since 1906, more than 6.2 billion tons of rock have been mined.

In 1905-6 the town of Garfield sprang up. Actually there were many little camps, called mining and smelter camps, dotted throughout the area. Right next to the Smelter was a camp, then between there and Garfield a small camp, then Magna, called Ragtown at that time. Also Bingham Canyon and Copperton had towns. Copperton was much like Garfield, whereas the workers rented the houses and they were kept in good condition by the company. All the pipes, fixtures, wiring, came from the mine.

Garfield was one of the unique towns that Utah Copper built. The town housed workers and their families who worked at the Smelter, Refinery, Arthur and Magna Mills. At one time there were over 2,000 people in Garfield. A club house was built which became a school house. Six hotels were built. The main street had a trading store, drug store, Carl’s tavern, bank, post office, barber shop, library, sweet shop, show house. In other words, it had everything a small town could ever want.

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