History of the Great Basin, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

Bingham's remarkable open-pit copper operation remains a landmark. Callao is a rough-hewn and remote ranching remnant. The Pony Express route, the forgotten West Desert winter sheep range, and critical isolated wildlife and bird refuges also could be mentioned.

For many, the Great Basin is an affair of the heart and soul that grows with intimacy. It has to do with a psychology of open space and an appreciation of the Great Basin as a place. The two opposing points of view were challengers in the 1980s with the proposed MX "racetrack" missile system. They will likely surface again in the 1990s on the issues of electronic warfare and hazardous waste disposal.

Gary B. Peterson

See: Leonard J. Arrington, Great Basin Kingdom (1958); Gloria Griffen Cline, Exploring the Great Basin (1963); Samuel G. Houghton, A Trace of Desert Waters, The Great Basin Story (1986); Brigham D. Madsen, ed., Exploring the Great Salt Lake, The Stansbury Expedition of 1849-50 (1989); John McPhee, Basin and Range (1981); Dale L. Morgan, The Great Salt Lake (1947); Dale L. Morgan, The Humboldt, High Road of the West (1943); Captain James H. Simpson, Report of Explorations Across the Great Basin in 1859 (1983); Stephen Trimble, The Sagebrush Ocean, A Natural History of the Great Basin (1989).

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