History of Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

In 1942 Desert Saints by Nels Anderson appeared. While not intended as a history of Utah, it filled that need for nearly a generation. He told the story of Utah up to the time of statehood and established a new standard for the inclusion of chapters on priesthood government, economics, polygamy. and the Mormon way of life. Nels Anderson, Dale L. Morgan, and Juanita Brooks formed a triumvirate of Utah's ablest historical scholars and writers. None had a professional history degree; yet their works remain distinguished today.

A second generation of professionally trained historians provided a new intellectual stimulus to the study of Utah history following World War II when veterans took to graduate schools and wrote thesis and dissertations in Utah and Mormon history. These historians came to Utah, taught at the universities, conducted research seminars, and wrote out of their researches. They included A. R. Mortensen (director, Utah State Historical Society); C. Gregory Crampton (UU); Brigham D. Madsen (BYU, USU, UU); Richard D. Poll (BYU); David E. Miller (UU); Dello Dayton (Weber); William Mulder (UU); Everett L. Cooley (State Archivist, USU, Director, Utah State Historical Society): Eugene E. Campbell (BYU); Leonard J. Arrington (USU, Church Historian. BYU); S. George Ellsworth (USU), and others. Utah history was quickened on many fronts through the work of this second generation and their students.

Aiding authors was an array of technological advances: typewriters and electric typewriters, photostats cameras and photocopying, microfilm and microfiche of collections of documents and newspapers, secretarial assistance, and monetary grants in support of research. More recently, personal computers and fax have both speeded and aided research. Guides, inventories, catalogs, and bibliographies led to a new materials, essential sources.

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