History of Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The era of the monograph followed. Single subject articles and books abounded, mostly on the territorial period but gradually moving into the field of the twentieth century. Altogether, hundreds of monographs were published. Studies came out as historical essays and lectures in articles, pamphlets and books, biographies long and short, edited letters and diaries, and guides to source collections. Among the major contributors were Dale L. Morgan, Juanita Brooks, Leonard J. Arrington, Gustive O. Larson, William Mulder, David E. Miller, C. Gregory Crampton, Everett L. Cooley, Brigham D. Madsen, A. R. Mortensen, Davis Bitton, Austin and Alta Fife, Andrew Karl Larson, Helen Z. Papanikolas, Thomas G. Alexander, James B. Allen, S. George Ellsworth, and Charles S. Peterson. There were also many more; others who were working mostly in Mormon studies and are not listed here.

The monographs covered a wide variety of subjects. Anthropologists contributed notably to prehistory and Indian history. Much was done on the pre-1847 period, especially on the mountain men. Excellent works came out on the economic history of the territory and state. The early Mormon Council of Fifty sparked a great deal of interest. The territorial period came to be much better covered by well-researched and written essays. The struggle for statehood, the state constitution and government were topics receiving needed attention. Following national trends, women in history gained much attention, and the heritage and contributions of minority groups came to be written. There were studies were made on Mormon polygamy, significant books came out on Utah architecture and the arts, photographs and photography. Publication in the Utah Historical Quarterly or some other scholarly journal was a satisfying reward to many historians for their labors.

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