History of Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

While the era of the monograph continued, there were still those who attempted coverage of the whole of Utah history in one volume. S. George Ellsworth's Utah's Heritage came out in 1972. Written for the public schools, it also attracted adult readers. The work was detailed and comprehensive, and based on primary or contemporary sources, newspapers, and monographs. Coverage included geology and geography, prehistoric and historic Indians, and much on the pre-1847 period. Attention was given to non-Mormons and the twentieth century was treated in depth. In 1985 the New Utah's Heritage appeared; the book has been revised, reduced by one-third, and chapters added on minority groups.

In commemoration of the American Bicentennial, William B. Smart and Henry A. Smith edited Deseret, 1776-1976: A Bicentennial Illustrated History of Utah (1975). A work of art, the text was written by Deseret News staff writers on subjects of their expertise. Another work to come out in connection with the Bicentennial was Charles S. Peterson's Utah, A History (1977). Neither a textbook nor a conventional history, it was an interpretative synthesis of Utah history in the context of the national experience and was part of a national series of books.

Aiming at the college students in Utah history courses and the general adult reader, a group of the abler scholars in Utah studies collaborated to produce Utah's History in 1978. Richard D. Poll was general editor. Twenty-eight scholars contributed chapters in their fields of special study. Each monographic chapter had its own bibliography, and the whole was supplemented by 58 pages of charts, tables, and maps.

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