History of the Native American Indian Population in Utah
By Elyse Hayes Deseret News staff writer (Links Added)

Michael Baird and his family, who live in Brigham City, although not American Indian themselves, have assisted with various powwows for many years. Baird used to work with children from the Intermountain Indian School and would often bring them to his home

"You get a lot of students who come to Utah, then stay," Baird said. "Some LDS Church. Others marry members of other tribes or come looking for work. Many may be here because they worked at the Intermountain Indian School many years ago."

*In Utah, American Indians live in every county except Rich. *Utes live mostly in Uintah County, which is home to 1,766.

Salt Lake County is home to a variety of tribes and has the largest number of Cherokees, Chippewas and Latin American Indians, and half of the state's Navajos — 7,293 — live in San Juan County.

The tribes with the most numbers have tribal lands inside the state. In addition to the Navajos and Utes, other tribe members with significantnumbers include Cherokees, with 736; Paiutes, with 668; Sioux with 655; Shoshones, with 619; and members of various Latin American tribes, with 599.

The Goshutes are not listed as a tribe on current census reports, but the population of the Goshute Reservation was 90.

After that, the numbers begin to tail off — with the Apaches, Chippewa and Choctaw making a relatively strong showing — until you get to the Houma tribe with only one Utah member.

Alaska Natives are smaller in number than American Indians, but according to the 2000 Census, there were 75 Eskimos in Utah — more Eskimos than Kiowas, Seminoles and Menominees combined.

Contributing: Jerry Johnston

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