History of Anthony W. Ivins, Utah
Taken from the Utah Historical Society (Links Added)

In 1895 Ivins was asked by President Wilford Woodruff of the LDS Church to go to Mexico to aid in the establishment of a series of Mormon colonies, to be used particularly by those polygamous members who sought sanctuary from what was, in their eyes, unnecessary harassment and persecution for personal religious convictions. Ivins comments on this development in his journal (p. 212), "I answered the letter rec'd from Presidency telling them that I would go to Mexico as soon as possible. I did not want to go to Mexico. . . ." He then lists and supports his reasons for being reluctant -- ranching and other business interests, a bright future in politics, an affection for the people of St. George and his aging parents. Then he writes, "I immediately commenced to make preparation to dispose of my property and go to Mexico." Ivins' first cousin, Apostle Heber J. Grant, wrote him a letter congratulating him on his new assignment.

The letter which you wrote to them [First Presidency of the LDS Church] is just such a letter as I should have expected from you, and if you had written any other kind of letter I should have been greatly surprised as well as disappointed. I feel sure that the day will come when you will thank the Lord that you have been selected by His inspiration to preside in Mexico. . . .(HJG to AWI, 8/25/95)

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