History of Mapleton, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

It was during the drive for a town government that a real sense of community developed. A large new school building, a larger Mormon meetinghouse, stores, a dance hall, and improved roads, canals, and groves of trees (where residents gathered for recreation) were developed by the people under the direction of their new leaders. By 1911 they had a new recreation center in town, built by public donation. Utah Power and Light Company was granted a franchise to supply electricity to the town by 1913, and a new water system was developed by 1918. In 1930 the town celebrated the establishment of a new culinary water system. Still, the officials never found a way, even after Mapleton became a third-class city in 1948, to provide enough local jobs for the residents. Lack of water, especially in drought years, ditches, canals, size of building lots, maintenance of roads, a shortage of recreation programs, and lack of a sewage system, still plague the city and challenge the local inhabitants.

Mapleton has had a few stores and small industries since the 1890s, but it has never had any large stores or shopping malls. There is little industry to provide jobs and a tax base to help the community deal adequately with its problems. The city has always had to depend upon a great deal of donated help and innovative ideas to solve its problems; but, amazingly, the community continues to thrive.

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