History of Morgan, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

Currently Morgan City has one major grocery store, a bank, a drug store, several convenience stores and service stations, two wood companies, several eateries, two car dealerships (one of which is the oldest continuous family-owned dealership in the state), two hardware stores, and other businesses that provide needed services to the citizens. Morgan City Corporation owns and operates its own power, water and sewer systems.

Located along the banks of the Weber River is Riverside Park. It is an attractive, spacious park providing picnic facilities, a baseball diamond, and a theatrical pavilion.

Many of Morgan's citizens work outside the county, but agriculture continues to be of major importance to Morgan City. At one time, it had thirteen mink ranches and several dairy farms located within its boundaries. The LDS Church continues to be the city's dominant religion. No other religious denomination has erected a church building in the city.

See: The Morgan County News, Pioneering Morgan County (1947); The Fine Arts Study Group, Mountains Conquered (1959); and Morgan County Historical Society, Morgan County School Buildings (1989).

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