History of Ivy Baker Priest, Utah
Taken from the Blazer (Links Added)

During spring runoff or when it rained hard the dirt streets and sidewalks of Bingham turned into a sloshing, muddy mess. The hungry miners were forced to track through the mire on their way to and from the Baker house and always left muddy floors behind as reminders of their presence. Ivy's mother, frustrated by perpetually filthy floors, began agitating for street improvements. She quickly found a sympathetic ear in Dr. Straupp, the family physician. He was dissatisfied with the way the Democratic incumbents were running Bingham and decided to run as a Republican for mayor. Clara promised him her full support if he committed to put down wooden sidewalks in Bingham once elected. Straupp agreed and Clara became the doctor's number one supporter. She rounded up a solid following among the foreign-born residents and even helped many to register as voters, an effort that often included establishing their citizenship. Ivy took an active interest in this campaign and became the "official errand runner" for her mother. When election time came Ivy spent the entire day at the polls, her "heart skipping with the excitement of it all." When the votes were finally tallied Clara Baker's influence had paid off. Dr. Straupp had won the election, and Ivy "felt as elated as a kingmaker" and soon determined that a career in politics would be "the ultimate in glorious achievement."

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