History of the Railroad in Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The railroads also built a network of branch lines to serve Utah's major agricultural industries, including dairy products, wheat, sugar beets, and many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Most of the vegetables and some of the fruits were grown to support the state's canning industry, centered mostly in Weber, Davis, and other counties along the Wasatch Front.

The railroads played an important part in agriculture by moving the goods to markets both within and outside of the state. Most of the dairy products were shipped to California, and the wheat was shipped either as grain or as flour to California and the southern states. The destination for the finished sugar from sugar beets was local markets and points in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Utah's canned goods were sold mostly on the Pacific Coast and in the Intermountain West and the Midwest.

The agricultural branch lines which the railroads built were almost solely used for the movement of sugar beets from the fields to the sugar factories. The major sugar-beet-growing regions included the Cache Valley, the Bear River Valley, and Weber and Davis counties. Also included were parts of Salt Lake Valley, Utah Valley, and the areas around Gunnison and Delta.

The Oregon Short Line built several branch lines in these beet-growing regions. Three branches were built in the Cache Valley, four were built in the Bear River Valley, and both the Oregon Short Line and the Denver and Rio Grande completed branches into the area west of Roy and Clearfield, as well as building short spurs in the West Jordan, Spanish Fork, and Gunnison areas. The Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad built two branches to serve the region around Delta. Beet-loading stations were also built at many points along the railroads' other branch lines and some of the main lines themselves. In the period between 1895 and 1940, before the widespread use of trucks, railroads were the most efficient way to transport sugar beets to the factories, located in the Cache Valley, the Bear River Valley, Brigham City, Ogden, Layton, West Jordan, Spanish Fork, Gunnison, and Delta.

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