History of the Railroad in Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The canning industry in the state placed Utah as the eighth-ranked producer of canned goods in the nation. Of the more than seventy-five canning companies that have been in business in the state, less than fifteen were truly successful and able to remain in business year round. Each of these successful canning factories was serviced by a direct railroad connection, allowing direct shipment of their canned goods to waiting markets. The largest canneries were located in West Ogden and in Smithfield, which remains today as the only cannery operating in the state. Successful smaller canneries were located in Tremonton, Perry, North Ogden, Roy, Hooper, Clearfield, Syracuse, Morgan, Murray, and Spanish Fork.

In 1914, to support Utah's growing canning industry, the American Can Company built one of the West's largest can-manufacturing facilities in Ogden. Between 1915 and 1979, when the plant was closed, the company shipped many railroad boxcars filled with new, empty cans to canneries all over the state and the region.

The railroads also had an important role in Utah's canned milk industry, which produced both evaporated and condensed milk. In 1904 Utah's, and especially Cache Valley's, dairy industry received a major boost when Sego Milk Products Company opened a condensing plant in Richmond, north of Logan. In 1925 Sego built a processing plant in Hyrum. The Borden Company opened its milk-condensing plant in Logan in 1916. The Morning Milk Company opened a condensing plant in Wellsville in 1923, and sold it to the Carnation Company in 1946. The Sego plant in Richmond was served by the Oregon Short Line, as was the Morning Milk plant in Wellsville. The Sego plant in Hyrum was served by a spur of the Utah-Idaho Central electric line. Borden's Logan plant was served by both the Utah-Idaho Central and the Oregon Short Line.

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