History of Roy, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

Twenty-one years after Roy's first settlement, the town's few residents met to start the wheels of progress turning by obtaining a post office. The first requirement was the selection of a permanent name for the town. Roy had been called Central City, Sandridge, the Basin, and Lakeview. One member of the group, Reverend David Peebles, a schoolteacher, recently had lost a child to death, a young boy named Roy. Peebles exerted pressure to have the town named after his son, and the local citizens were sympathetic to his plea. On 24 May 1894 Roy officially had a name and a post office. Orson Field was appointed as the first postmaster. The post office consisted of a few slots built in the corner of the kitchen in Field's home.

In the early 1940s, with the establishment nearby of Hill Field, the town was suddenly transformed. New settlers formed a stream and then a river. Almost overnight, Roy, swelling with a flood of newcomers, was faced with greatly inadequate services, facilities, and accommodations. Nothing seemed as urgent as educating the ever-flourishing crop of students. In 1943, the one school building in the community was filled beyond capacity. Classes were held in the halls, on the stage, and in the church house, and even the small supply room was used. The local school board and the town leaders scrambled to house the students. High school students were bused across Ogden to the north end of Washington Boulevard, a procedure practiced until 1965 when Roy high School was built. It became Weber County's largest high school and was later rated as one of the ten best in the nation.

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