History of Roy, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

Businesses in Roy were limited until the early 1940s. With a population of 800, a gas station, a couple of grocery stores, a cafe, and a lumber yard made up the modest business district. That changed in 1943. Roy developed rapidly during the war years; stores and offices of all kinds began to appear. Roy housed many of the workers and personnel from adjacent war bases: Hill Air Force Base, the Navy Supply Depot, and the Defense Supply Depot.

September 1953 marked a milestone in Roy's history--Roy received a charter to establish the first branch bank in the state of Utah. This branch of the Bank of Utah pioneered the way for other banks to establish branches through out the state.

Today, Roy boasts of most types of businesses and services. Roy is a first-class city, tagged "Weber County's Fastest Growing City," with a population of 24,603 in 1990. There are sewer, gas, and electrical systems and three water systems: the canal, a culinary water system, and a secondary water system. A large museum was built in 1993 and contains memorabilia of Roy City to preserve for others something of Roy's past.

Emma Russell and Beverly Wiberg

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