History of Tremonton, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The founding of Tremonton differed in many respects from the settlement of a vast majority of its sister communities in the valley. Most of the families pushing north and west to establish homes in the region were Mormon; but the first people of Tremonton and vicinity were non-Mormon. They were people who brought with them a variety of religious beliefs from their former homes. They also were an industrious, progressive, and sincere people who, regardless of differences in belief, were willing to cooperate with their neighbors. These qualities were evident when they constructed the first Union schoolhouse to educate all their children. They further united (hence the name "Union") by sharing that building on Sunday, when several denominations used it during the course of the day for their services.

Tremonton is a modern city. From 1906, when it was first incorporated as a town, to 1918, when it was designated a third-class city, to the present, growth has been steady. Educational, recreational, civic, health, medical, and religious services and facilities have been updated and expanded with the steady growth of the city. Economically, the city is a central shopping place for the Bear River Valley. In 1992, 267 businesses were operating with official city licenses.

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