History of the Uinta Basin, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The average annual precipitation for the Uinta Basin is less than 8.5 inches, with a smaller area around Ouray and Leota receiving less than 6 inches annually. Nevertheless, the basin is well watered. The Strawberry River drains the eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains. The south flank of the Uintas is drained by Current Creek, the Duchesne River, Lake Creek, the Uinta River, Ashley Creek, and Big and Little Brush creeks. The southern portion of the Basin contains fewer streams and are much smaller in volume then those of the northern point. Green River slices through the Uintas at Split Mountain and flows through the Uinta Basin in a southwesterly direction. At Ouray the Green is joined by the Duchesne River, and White River which flows from the east.

Based on the modified Kopper system for identifying climatic zones, the Uintas, the Wasatch Mountains, and the southwest portion of the Book Cliffs are classified as undifferentiated highlands and the Uinta Basin as steppe. The Basin averages between 80 and 160 frost-free days a year while much of the Uintas has less than 40 days free of frost.

The Uinta Basin and Mountains possess an abundance of prehistoric remnants. A short distance north of Jensen on the Green River is a famous dinosaur quarry. This area was first discovered in 1909 by geologist Earl Douglas of the Carnegie Museum. During the next several years Douglas and others excavated and hauled to eastern museums tons of dinosaur fossils from the Morrison Formation of the Upper Jurassic Age. In 1915 President Woodrow Wilson set aside 80 acres as a national monument. Intensive study and work continues at Dinosaur National Monument, nine miles north of Jensen, and thousands of visitors tour the monument each year.

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