History of Chief Washakie, Utah
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The history of the American West recognizes Washakie as one of its most remarkable leaders. Revered for statemanship and respected in battle, he united his people into a significant political and military force. A skilled orator and charismatic figure who spoke French, English and a number of Indian languages, he successfully negoitiated land and education settlements for the Shoshone.

Tradition holds that Washakie was gifted with an ability to foresee what the future held and work out the destiny of his people to the best possible advantage. He rose to a position of leadership in 1840, bringing together disparate groups of Shoshone warriors. With immigrants pressing along the eastern slope of the Rockies through traditional Shoshone hunting grounds, Washakie sensed that the tide of the White Man could not be stemmed. He believed if the Shoshone were to retain their lands, they would need to make peace with the immigrants, and he convinced his own people and the U.S. government of the need for a protected Shoshone territory.

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