History of John Henry Weber, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

The following spring hunt found Weber's brigade throughout northern Utah. A portion of the brigade, under the guide of a brash Johnson Gardner, confronted Peter Skene Ogden's Snake Country Expedition near present-day Mountain Green, Utah. As a result of this dispute, Gardner was able to lure a number of Ogden's men to leave their British employer and cause Ogden to retrace his steps back to Flathead House. That summer, Weber and his brigade were at the first rendezvous held near present McKinnon, Wyoming, just north of the Utah border.

Records are somewhat scanty regarding Weber's remaining mountain years; however, he did spend the winter of 1825-26 in the Salt Lake Valley after Ashley's men were forced by the winter's severity to move their winter quarters from Cache Valley. The Weber River was so christened during this winter camp if not so designated the previous winter. From this place-name stems the names of today's Weber University, County, Canyon, and others.

A question exists concerning the proper pronunciation of John Weber's surname -- whether it be pronounced Weeber or Webber. Those in the East and Midwest, where Weber spent most of his life, pronounce it Webber. This is substantiated by Warren Ferris' map of the fur trade era in which he inscribes the name of the Weber River "Webber's Fork." There are, however, references by other fur trappers such as Osborne Russell and Daniel Potts which give credence to the long vowel sound pronunciation.

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