History of Broadcasting, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

Only KZN (now KSL), KDYL (later KCPX), and KFUR (now KLO) survived the 1920s. All eleven stations were historically important, but these three stations provide the clearest explanation of why some stations survived while others disappeared. The survival of KZN, KDYL, and KLO was a function of the economic and promotional backing each had at various stages in their development from three Utah newspapers: the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Telegram, and the Standard-Examiner, respectively. Initially, the newspaper owners saw the fledgling stations as little more than devices to promote subscriptions through crystal-set give-aways, but the evolution of broadcasting as a viable financial enterprise of its own led to a genuine symbiotic relationship.

While there were many amateurs who tinkered with radio equipment, one particularly bright and highly motivated young man stood above his peers. Ira J. Kaar, born in 1902, obtained his first regular amateur radio license in 1916 and a Special-Land-Station license, 6ZA, in 1919. Also in 1919, he constructed what became KFOO, the nation's first radio station licensed to an educational institution - the Latter Day Saints University. Kaar built KDYL for A.L. Fish and the Salt Lake Telegram in 1922, and helped H. Carter Wilson, Telegraph Department manager for the Deseret News, solve technical problems at KZN. In 1923, Kaar erected KFUT (later KUTE) at the University of Utah while pursuing his electrical engineering degree. After leaving his mark on more early radio stations than any other individual in the state, Kaar went on in 1925 to begin an illustrious thirty-one-year career at General Electric.

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