History of Clarkston, Utah
by Kaylene Allen Griffin (Links Added)

The cemetery was originally a lookout hill for Indians, and for many years, arrowheads could be found there. Today it is major gathering place at least three times a year. The town has erected bleachers and an outdoor stage for the annual Martin Harris pageant entitled "The Man Who Knew." This pageant is very popular and well attended. Even though the production isn't until August, the tickets are usually all distributed by early spring. Every May the ward hosts a commemoration for the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood. Memorial Day is a wonderful time to gather and spend hours visiting with friends and relatives.

Because of the geographical isolation of Clarkston, the people became self sufficient. "The pioneers built a schoolhouse and a meeting house of native rock. In the schoolhouse they learned to read and write, and could worship God or find recreation in the little chapel.

There were three women who brought the babies: Aunt Caroline (Griffin Thompson), tall and stern and commanding, Aunt Marthy (Gover Griffin), a prim little English woman with her hair in a little bob on top of her head, and Aunt Agnes (Jardine Shumway), always immaculate in a fresh white apron with knitted lace along the bottom. Birth was a natural process that worried no one, and if complications ever set in it was not known. These women were on call night and day for the sum of $8 or less if you could not afford it.

(Thomas Godfrey pulled our teeth while his wife retired to the cellar so as not to hear.)

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