History of Ivy Baker Priest, Utah
Taken from the Blazer (Links Added)

Shortly after arriving in Washington Priest submitted her signature to the Treasury to be used in printing all U.S. bills. To ensure that her name was legible and in her best hand she wrote it 30 times and sent all 30 to the Treasury. They chose the first one she had written. Back in Utah Priest became quite a celebrity, especially in Bountiful where she had been living. Bountiful businessmen and the South Davis Chamber of Commerce secured a special shipment of the first dollar bills printed with Priest's name and distributed them to local businesses to give customers as change in the Bountiful, Centerville, and North Salt Lake areas. In addition, a Salt Lake Tribune editorial commented that "all Utahns will read with pride and pleasure the signature 'Ivy Baker Priest' on their paper money."

After her eight years in national office Priest continued her political career in California where she successfully ran for state treasurer in 1966 and again in 1970, becoming the first woman elected to a statewide office there and serving alongside Gov. Ronald Reagan.

Priest's illustrious political career ended June 23, 1975, when she died of cancer. Such dignitaries as Dr. William Banowsky, president of Pepperdine University, Ronald Reagan, and Art Linkletter, attended her funeral.

See: Ivy Baker Priest, Green Grows Ivy (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1958); biographical clipping files, Utah State Historical Society Library; Beehive History 17.

W. Paul Reeve, the Blazer, June 1995

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