Constitution of the State of Utah

Taken from the Utah Road to Statehood See also modifications


Sec. 1. [Public officers to be paid salaries. Exceptions.] All State, district, city, county, town and school officers, excepting notaries public, boards of arbitration, court commissioners, justices of the peace and constables, shall be paid fixed and definite salaries: Provided, That city justices may be paid by salary when so determined by the mayor and council of such cities.

Sec. 2. [Legislature to provide fees. Accounting.] The Legislature shall provide by law, the fees which shall be collected by all officers within the state. Notaries public, boards of arbitration, court commissioners, justices of the peace, and constables paid by fees, shall accept said fees as their full compensation. But all other State, district, county, city, town and school officers, shall be required by law to keep a true and correct account of all fees collected by them, and to pay the same into the proper treasury, and the officer whose duty it is to collect such fees shall be held responsible under his bond for the same.

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