History of Garfield, Utah
Lee T Romrell (Links Added)

By 1914 a new Garfield school was built. The town of Garfield was a place that really had everything. An improvement district was set up under Utah Copper. They owned the land but made sure many things in the small town were done for the benefit of the workers in the town.

Just to list a few of the freebie’s that were offered in the town: A theater, baseball park, swimming pool, library. Also at a small fee people could enjoy the Copper Club that was build at the Arthur Mill. It had a dance hall, bowling allies, pool tables, and many things for people to enjoy. So even though the wages were small, strikes  came upon the workers once in a while, Garfield was the place to be. People came to the town from outside the area to enjoy the swimming pool. We were right next to the Blackrock and Sunset beaches, and Saltair resort.

We rented our house for about $18 dollars a month. Each year they would come and paint our house and fix up things when they were needed to be fixed.  We had copper pipes, wiring, etc. from copper produced in the mine. That was the only bad thing about not owning the house. We could not fix it up the way we wanted to do it.

We would go hiking in the hills behind the Refinery. There were animals like elk, deer, bobcats, cougars, and in the early days, bear. Caves were found dotted along the mountain side. In the winter time we would go sledding down the what was called McKinley hill. The best times of our young lives were spent in this town. There was a Mormon church and across the street was an Episcopalian church.

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