History of Garfield, Utah
Lee T Romrell (Links Added)

Sadly, Kennecott decided in 1955 that they needed to expand their operation and to get out of the rental business. We were full of tears when they told us that our “Utopia” would be over. They at least let us buy our houses and we moved the wood frame ones to Magna or the surrounding areas. My dad and others got together and formed a group that consisted of 34 people who moved their  homes from Garfield to Magna, just North of 3500 South and East of 8000 West. I actually rode in the house on the move to make sure things were okay in the house. So, in 1956-7, that was the end of Garfield. It is now a ghost town. There is nothing left of the town but the memories that we carry in our hearts. We still love the old town. I was 10 years old when I left. Garfield, we miss you.

Lee T. Romrell

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