History of Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

Inasmuch as Mormon history is an integral part of Utah history, and one cannot always distinguish between them, it may be appropriate to add a few works of Mormon history. Today, it is best to begin with James B. Allen and Glen M. Leonard, The Story of the Latter-day Saints (1976). Leonard J. Arrington and Davis Bitton address a more cosmopolitan audience with their The Mormon Experience (1979). Arrington's Great Basin Kingdom is both Utah and Mormon history. See the bibliographical essays and chapter notes in these three books for the best starting place in Mormon studies. During the past quarter century excellent reference works and innumerable monographic articles and books on Mormon history have come out very nearly dwarfing Utah studies. Older reference works, still useful, include those by Andrew Jenson, and B. H. Robert's A Comprehensive History of the Church (6 vols., 1930).

The general outline of Utah history is now pretty well known thanks to an amplitude of monographs. Yet, it is doubtful if any subject has been over-done. Students of Utah history have a strong tendency to regard early works as definitive, whereas most of what has been done can be done over again, better, based on wider experience and perspective, with more adequate sources now available. Official records in the Utah State Archives and in the National Archives still remain relatively untouched by historians. There are many subjects begging for excellent new monographic treatment, while some few subjects call for a new synthesis by gifted writers.

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