History of Uintah, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The town was still an unincorporated area of Weber County in 1930, but the need for a modern water system was acute, since many of the families were carrying water for culinary use and leaving the irrigation water for other purposes. In 1937 the area legally became the town of Uintah. A water system was soon installed at the cost of $20,000. This system was upgraded in 1959. With the improvement of the town water supply, a multi-use park was developed in 1965. The park's ball diamond has seen a lot of use, since baseball and softball have always been favorite sports of the townspeople.

A water bond election was held and passed in 1970; this opened the way to enlarge the town water system. Agreements were also signed to add Weber Basin water to the town's system to ensure an adequate supply. With the assurance of an adequate water supply, many improvements were made to the town which has ushered in Uintah's third population boom.

The town's effort to remain primarily a rural area currently is having a difficult time because many of the old farms are being broken up. Subdivisions and mobile home parks are rapidly being developed. The population of Uintah has grown from approximately 400 in 1974 to over 1,400 in 1992. The town largely serves as a bedroom community for Ogden and Salt Lake City. At the present time, several family-owned businesses are located in Uintah. The Valley Nursery, Bell Photographers, and Learning Wrap Ups Inc. are the largest employers in the town. The Valley Nursery has earned the distinction of being one of the largest and best plant and landscaping nurseries in the entire Intermountain West.

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